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Asya Haikin

Yoga therapy

for pain and physical challenges

in Falls Church, VA & online

Less Pain - More Life

Helping you feel more comfortable in your body so you can live your life to the fullest.


Yoga Therapy

in Falls Church

and online

Personalized support for

FASTER results


Small therapeutic Yoga Classes

in Falls Church and online

perfect for ALL levels of ability

Are you ready to get back to your daily activities without pain?


Have you been in pain for way too long? Are you tired of feeling less than optimal? Perhaps you are avoiding activities that you once loved, or feel that your physical discomfort is affecting your mood and leaving you with less energy for the things you want to enjoy. 


Or maybe you have a really busy life with many responsibilities, and sometimes self-care gets put on a back burner; but you know you want to find something that will help you feel better, and not just temporarily. As someone who had to deal with persistent back pain due to scoliosis, I understand how you feel and know the frustration and discomfort you're likely going through. 

I’m here to help you feel comfortable in your body!


For the past twenty years I’ve been helping people get out of pain and feel comfortable in their bodies. My clients range from those who’ve never done yoga before, to long-term yoga practitioners. Whether you’ve had an injury, are recovering from surgery, or have a chronic condition, I know how to help. We’ll work together to create a plan that will address your problem and get you on the way to recovery. 

I’m highly skilled in looking at people and figuring out how their ingrained movement and breathing patterns are contributing to the way they feel. I will also help you deal with mental and emotional stress that often goes along with injuries and pain. My approach combines the wisdom of yoga and the latest scientific research into pain care. We’ll work together to help you move towards healing effectively and with lasting results, approaching the body and the mind as an integrated system.


Best way to learn about working together, and how to start feeling better, is to book a complimentary 30 min consultation call.

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