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What people say


"I came to Asya after suffering from chronic pain for several years. I was unable to find relief through conventional physical therapy, exercise, and chiropractic care. Through working with Asya, my pain has reduced considerably. Asya taught me several yoga therapy practices tailored to my needs including postures, breathing, and meditation techniques. She is a true healer, taking me methodically through different practices to ease the burden of my pain. The best part about working with Asya is that she teaches the practices so that you can do them on your own. You are not totally reliant on her for relief. She is highly trained, organized, and genuinely cares for the overall health and well-being of her clients. Yoga therapy with Asya has helped me transcend pain, manage stress, increase health, and live my best life.  I highly recommend her services."

- Ian Farrow, Burke, VA


"Asya has a very calming presence and made me feel at ease right away.  The techniques she showed me were different from other yoga positions I've learned over many years and were very helpful in alleviating the physical pain I was feeling. Asya also went above and beyond after the session was over by sending me lots of helpful information to use in my home practice." 

- Carrie Parker, Arlington, VA


"I found Asya during a period of time when I was working to open up and deepen into my movement practice.  I knew I was “stuck” in my body and needed help learning where to let go.  Every session with Asya was unique based on my personal goals for the day and what my body needed. Asya listened closely and tailored each session combining her healing skills of Reiki, Tibetan Tones Vibrational Vibrational Sound Healing and Yoga.  I left each session feeling relaxed and more open to my own movement practice."    

Nancy Branberg, PT, Falls Church, VA


"Yoga therapy with Asya was a customized experience that really helped me ease into the kind of activity that my body needed.  Each session was tuned to my needs and we worked together to develop a practice that was very helpful for my health challenges.  I looked forward to each of our sessions together and I highly recommend working with Asya."

- Aaron Zafran, Falls Church, VA


"Asya really listened to my needs and helped me experience and take away a simple practice for shifting stress. She also coached me to find ways to continue on my own. Since much of it involves deep breathing I am finding that I use this awareness throughout my day (especially when I drive!) in addition to my two weekly personal yoga sessions. So simple and yet making such a difference for me. This is just the start of all Asya can do, and I highly recommend her!"

- Sarah Sutton, Sterling, VA


"I attended Asya’s gentle yoga class for a long time, so when I needed specific instruction on improving my balance and practicing yoga at home I didn’t hesitate to take private sessions with her. Asya has many gifts but I’ll just highlight two here. Asya listens. Carefully. Because of this, she gave me instruction tailored to my body, my strengths and my limitations.  Asya is also wonderful at deconstructing stretching exercises and yoga poses, and that enabled me to understand how the body moves through them safely and effectively. Working with her gave me confidence in doing the poses on my own. Asya is also just a really nice person, plain and simple. It was great working with her. Her sessions were instructive and I always left feeling great."

Donna Moss, Arlington, VA


"Thank you, Asya. I deeply appreciate your teaching and training in gentle yoga class. You keep my attention in the moment, in the micro moment of my body and its small actions and active states and does it non-judgmentally. From the noticing you take us into further engagement in simple ways that then prepare us for the next larger movement with a nearly magical difference. The emphasis is always on where I am and what is possible from that place."

- Kathleen Trygstad, Arlington, VA


"I have so enjoyed your classes and getting to know you.  You have such a soothing voice and manner which helps me relax and work on the chronic pain I have been dealing with for so long."

- Lynne Lilly, Arlington, VA


"I have taken Gentle Yoga with Asya  for years. When I heard that she was offering a more personalized therapeutic class, I jumped at the chance to address my particular problems -- back issues, bad knee, Morton's neuroma in my toes -- all things that made some yoga poses very challenging for me. It was wonderful to have her focus on my issues, and she helped me develop a personal practice to work on these things. Her gentle and encouraging voice, strong knowledge of anatomy, and inventive teaching style made it pleasurable as well as useful."

- Karen R., Arlington, VA


"I have benefitted enormously from your class (for example, you’ve largely solved my chronic shoulder issue), and I’ll look forward to taking advantage of your yoga therapy practice.."

- Betsy Otto, Washington, DC


"I received Tibetan Tones Vibrational Sound Healing from Asya. This therapy involves laying on a comfortable massage table fully clothed (minus your shoes of course) and bronze singing bowls are placed on different areas of your body. Ex. feet, low back, upper back, stomach, etc... The weight and sound of the bowls is very relaxing and then the vibrations you feel throughout your body actually made my low back pain I came in with dissipate by the end of the session. If you’re looking for a state of deep relaxation from stress, trauma or just interested in alternative holistic healing I would definitely recommend trying this modality. Asya does a wonderful job of discussing your issues/goals and making you feel comfortable. Tibetan bowls is my new favorite stress reliever!"

- Jessica Reimer, Fairfax,


"I have been taking a gentle yoga class from Asya Haikin for the last five years.  She is a fantastic yoga instructor! The flow of her class and the transition through poses is easy to follow and her explanation of the value of the positions makes the class enjoyable, relaxing and is something I look forward to every week. She has a calming effect on her classes and is always willing to  adjust and advise poses to accommodate everyone in the class. Asya accomplishes all of the this whether you take her class in studio or on zoom."

Sharon DeAngelis, Arlington, VA



 "I was so fortunate to find Asya as I was working on my physical and mental rehabilitation following a complex abdominal surgery. She tailored a yoga practice to meet my needs as my recovery progressed week by week -- and gave me the confidence to get back into my regular vinyasa practice months before expected. She is a wonderful listener and has such a thoughtful, calming presence."  

Ashley Rogers, Falls Church, VA


"Thanks so much for putting together the list of exercises we worked on yesterday. You gave me some very helpful suggestions, and lots to think about and work on. This is exactly what I was hoping for when I signed up for yoga therapy, and I very much appreciate your help and encouragement during the sessions you worked with me."

M.D., Arlington, VA

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Are you looking for yoga for back pain, or another persistent physical issue? Best way to learn about working together, and how to start feeling better, is to book a complimentary 30 min consultation call.

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