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Therapeutic Yoga Classes and Workshops
via Zoom and in Person
in Arlington and Falls Church, VA

yoga therapist

Join in community to build strength, balance, and flexibility, free your breath and find a moment of peace in your day.

These therapeutic yoga classes are an opportunity for you to take an hour or two during your week to pause your activities and spend time moving your body and focusing your mind.  Equal attention given to strength, flexibility and relaxation techniques.
Relieve pain and stiffness while strengthening your muscles and improving range of motion.
Modifications offered during class to adapt yoga to your individual needs.

Monday 9-10:15am EST, Gentle/Level 1 Yoga

Steady movement, breath and guided relaxation. This class is for you if you can get down and up from the floor (chair available for support). At Sun and Moon Yoga Studio in Arlington, VA. More info and register here.

Thursday 1-2 pm EST, Gentle Yoga for Healing

Accessible gentle yoga practice with plenty of modifications to accommodate all abilities. Guided breathing and relaxation. At Falls Church Wellness Center in Falls Church, VA. Find out more and register here.

Sound Bath with Yoga Nidra (inquire about schedule)

Guided relaxation with Himalayan singing bowls facilitates healing by calming the nervous system and bringing you into a deep meditative state, even if you’ve never meditated before. Benefits include increased energy, calmer mind and improved sleep. This class doesn’t involve any movement, just prepare a space where you can lie down or recline comfortably.

I have been taking a gentle yoga class from Asya Haikin for the last five years. She is a fantastic yoga instructor! The flow of her class and the transition through poses is easy to follow and her explanation of the value of the positions makes the class enjoyable, relaxing and is something I look forward to every week. She has a calming effect on her classes and is always willing to adjust and advise poses to accommodate everyone in the class. Asya accomplishes all of the this whether you take her class in studio or on zoom.

Sharon DeAngelis, Arlington, VA

If you would like to explore one-on-one yoga therapy  for an even more personalized approach, you can apply for a complimentary consultation call here:

"I have so enjoyed your classes and getting to know you.  You have such a soothing voice and manner which helps me relax and work on the chronic pain I have been dealing with for so long."

- Lynne Lilly, Arlington, VA

"I have benefitted enormously from your class (for example, you’ve largely solved my chronic shoulder issue), and I’ll look forward to taking advantage of your yoga therapy practice."

 - Betsy Otto, Washington, DC

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