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One-on-one Yoga Therapy for faster results and optimal support on your wellness journey.

yoga therapy

Are you ready to make a change and feel better? Wondering if one-on-one yoga therapy is right for you?

Apply here for your free consultation call.

I use yoga therapy to help people with a variety of conditions that manifest in chronic or persistent pain and reduced mobility, as well as with rehabilitation after acute injuries.

   Yoga therapy can be a great solution for you if you:


  • Suffer from pain, for which you haven’t been able to get help

  • Avoid activities that you used to enjoy

  • Notice that your physical discomfort is negatively affecting your mood

  • Are recovering from an injury and wish to rehabilitate more efficiently

  • Need to strengthen your body in preparation for surgery

  • Are recovering from surgery

  • Are living with a chronic condition that affects your mobility

As a yoga therapist with years of successfully helping people just like you heal, I approach working with pain holistically. Too often when we have an injury or are dealing with physical discomfort, we just want to focus on “fixing” the injured area. In fact, the ways we move, breathe, and even think, are also affected when we are in pain. If these changed patterns aren’t addressed, the relief can be elusive or temporary. 


My approach is informed by the latest research into pain care, health and healing. This research often confirms that what we already use in yoga really works. Science validates approaching our health holistically, and treating the body and the mind as an integrated system. Working with the body affects the mind, and working with the mind affects the body.  


When working with clients I combine my knowledge of anatomy and deep understanding of the mechanics of the human body with insights into the psychology of meditation. I have lots of tools at my disposal and focus on creating a program that is just right for each of my clients. In addition to physical postures I use evidence-based practice of iRest which blends traditional yogic meditation with modern psychology. Depending on my clients needs and desires I can also incorporate Reiki hands-on healing and Himalayan singing bowls to facilitate deep relaxation in the brain and the body and stimulate healing and pain relief.


If you've been searching for a way to address the physical pain or other movement-related challenges you are dealing with, and are curious about whether yoga therapy could be a great solution for you, follow the link below to apply and schedule a complimentary consultation call.

Come as you are - no experience necessary!


To benefit from yoga therapy you don’t need to be flexible, and you don’t need to be able to sit in the “lotus” position (or even know what that is)! Just come with an open mind.

One-on-One Yoga therapy can help you:


  • Feel stronger in your body

  • Improve your balance

  • Improve flexibility

  • Improve your range of motion

  • Relieve joint pain

  • Get down and up from the floor with ease

  • Get back to your favorite physical activities

  • Recover faster after surgery

  • Manage or even completely eliminate back pain

  • Be more resilient to stress

"Asya has a very calming presence and made me feel at ease right away.  The techniques she showed me were different from other yoga positions I've learned over many years and were very helpful in alleviating the physical pain I was feeling. Asya also went above and beyond after the session was over by sending me lots of helpful information to use in my home practice." 

- Carrie Parker, Arlington, VA

Frequently Asked Questions:

What to expect during a yoga therapy session?


Sessions are held virtually over Zoom, or in person in Falls Church, VA. We'll start by discussing your goals, then follow with a practice that may include gentle movement, breathing, mindfulness and relaxation to help address your specific needs. As a follow-up to your session you'll receive a pdf with a customized home practice.

How long does it take to feel the benefits?

Sometimes a single session is enough to experience relief, but  a longer exploration is often needed. Most clients start with weekly sessions, then gradually decrease the frequency as they internalize the practices and become more comfortable practicing at home. We will come up with a plan that is practical and fits your lifestyle so you can fully experience the benefits of yoga. This plan will be refined and deepened at each subsequent session.

Do I need yoga experience to benefit from yoga therapy?

If you can breathe - you can do yoga! No special skills are needed to benefit from yoga therapy. You don’t have to be flexible, and you don’t even need to be able to sit on the floor! I have a passion for sharing yoga with beginners and adapting it to specific needs of my clients.


What kind of health issues can be addressed through yoga therapy?

I specialize in helping people alleviate physical pain, improve mobility, and recover from injuries. I apply my knowledge of the structural body and the mind from a holistic perspective to approach each client individually. Unlike conventional medicine that treats symptoms of disease, Yoga Therapy treats the person, so whatever the underlying cause of your condition, yoga therapy will help you feel better and bring relief on physical and emotional level.


How is one-on-one yoga therapy different from private yoga?


While you are very likely to do some yoga in both a private yoga session and a yoga therapy session, the approach your guide takes is different.  As a highly skilled yoga therapist, I incorporate a wide range of techniques designed to help my clients reduce pain, experience deep relaxation, and reduce stress, which can often accelerate the healing process.  You can think of a yoga therapist as a highly experienced yoga teacher with extensive training in therapeutic applications and skills.

Best way to find out if yoga therapy is the right solution for you?

Apply for your complimentary consultation call.

"Yoga therapy with Asya was a customized experience that really helped me ease into the kind of activity that my body needed.  Each session was tuned to my needs and we worked together to develop a practice that was very helpful for my health challenges.  I looked forward to each of our sessions together and I highly recommend working with Asya."

- Aaron Zafran, Falls Church, VA

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