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Sound Bath for Groups and Treatment Centers

Sound Bath is a form of accessible mindfulness. Healing benefits are achieved through deep relaxation and include reduced stress, lowered anxiety and increased clarity of mind. Through consistent practice we develop the “relaxation muscle” - making a centered and relaxed state more readily accessible in day-to-day life through practice. But the benefits of Sound Bath extend beyond relaxation: resilience and wholeness are strengthened through developing capacity to be aware of thoughts and emotions and being a conscious witness of one’s experiences, rather than being swept away by emotions.

During a sound bath session you are invited to rest in a comfortable position while listening to meditative sounds from Himalayan singing bowls and other instruments. We focus our senses inward, connecting to our bodies. This is an embodied practice. Mental health challenges and trauma often manifest as disconnection from the body, and our senses, and sense of hearing in particular, can become tools for re-engaging with our sense of safety. Sound Bath is a practice that allows us to safely look inward: while grounded in the senses we can safely engage with our emotions.

Polyvagal Theory of the nervous system explains that feeling safe depends on our autonomic nervous system, and our visceral reactions to signals of safety or danger usually take precedence over our cognitive or intellectual understanding of safety. Auditory nerve is located close to the vagus nerve, and sound can efficiently convey cues of safety to our nervous system. These cues downregulate defense mechanisms and stimulate physiological processes that support mental and physical healing. Improved vagal tone (or heart rate variability), means that we can move more efficiently between states of activation and rest. It helps reduce anxiety and depression, improves physiological function, improves our resilience and capacity to relax after stress Some of the benefits reported by participants are better experience during meditation in other sessions, feelings of peace, calm, quieting the mind, awareness of emotions as somatic experiences and experience of welcoming emotions.


Sound meditation is supported by research. An observational study published in Journal of Evidence-Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine found "significant beneficial effects of Tibetan singing bowl meditations on a number of markers related to well-being," including reduced anxiety and depression. (Effects of Singing Bowl Sound Meditation on Mood, Tension, and Well-being: An Observational Study)

 Contact Asya to find out how to incorporate Sound Bath at your treatment center.

Tibetan Tones® Vibrational Sound Healing

Tibetan Tones® Vibrational Sound Healing uses pure bell bronze singing bowls, custom made in India and Nepal with fair trade practices.


During a Tibetan Tones® healing session you lie fully clothed on a massage table, and the practitioner plays the bowls directly on your body, as well as around you, facilitating a direct meditative experience.


Placing bowls onto the body allows the sound to fill the body as a vibration, and immediately creates a state of deep relaxation. Soothing vibration of the bowls brings relaxation and deep healing. Benefits include reduced anxiety and fatigue, improved sleep, and relief from pain. Tibetan Tones® bowls are also used for addiction recovery. 


When experiencing Tibetan Tones® for the first time, people often comment that they've never been so relaxed in their life.

Curious about Tibetan Tones®? Contact Asya with questions or to schedule a session.

brass singing bowl

"... I absolutely loved it. The weight and sound of the bowls is very relaxing and then the vibrations you feel throughout your body actually made my low back pain I came in with dissipate by the end of the session.
If you’re looking for a state of deep relaxation from stress, trauma or just interested in alternative holistic healing I would definitely recommend trying this modality. Asya does a wonderful job of discussing your issues/goals and making you feel comfortable. Tibetan bowls is my new favorite stress reliever. "

Jessica R., Fairfax, VA

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