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Tibetan Tones® Vibrational Sound Healing

Tibetan Tones® Vibrational Sound Healing uses pure bell bronze singing bowls, custom made in India and Nepal with fair trade practices.


During a Tibetan Tones® healing session you lie fully clothed on a massage table, and the practitioner plays the bowls directly on your body, as well as around you, facilitating a direct meditative experience.


Placing bowls onto the body allows the sound to fill the body as a vibration, and immediately creates a state of deep relaxation. Soothing vibration of the bowls brings relaxation and deep healing. Benefits include reduced anxiety and fatigue, improved sleep, and relief from pain. Tibetan Tones® bowls are also used for addiction recovery. 


When experiencing Tibetan Tones® for the first time, people often comment that they've never been so relaxed in their life.

Curious about Tibetan Tones®? Contact Asya with questions or to schedule a session.

brass singing bowl

"... I absolutely loved it. The weight and sound of the bowls is very relaxing and then the vibrations you feel throughout your body actually made my low back pain I came in with dissipate by the end of the session.
If you’re looking for a state of deep relaxation from stress, trauma or just interested in alternative holistic healing I would definitely recommend trying this modality. Asya does a wonderful job of discussing your issues/goals and making you feel comfortable. Tibetan bowls is my new favorite stress reliever. "

Jessica R., Fairfax, VA

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