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Reiki and Energy Medicine 

Practicing yoga and experiencing its subtle anatomy makes us more aware of the flow of energy in and around us. The practice of Reiki (energy healing) is a direct pathway to those subtle energies. A Reiki/Energy Healing session will help you release stress, balance emotions, and manage pain. Reiki can be experienced on its own or as an addition to your yoga therapy session.

Spending time exploring subtle currents of energy in the body helps us meet the challenges of our day-to-day life from a more grounded place; we can consciously respond, rather than react to our environment.


Curious about chakras and what those are, after all? Rather than thinking of the chakras as some mysterious "wheels", it's useful to understand chakras as focal points for our thoughts and emotions. Energy work will help you get a first-hand experience of these energy centers.

Contact Asya to find out more or schedule a session.

energy healing session
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