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Purvottanasana: Being with Discomfort

yoga by the pool

Look... I’m not saying that I don’t love yoga.. I do. Really.

But during the practice, I sometimes don’t like yoga!

Almost every pose hurts. I fall a lot, I sometimes have no idea how to get into some of the poses. My feet cramp, my thighs say “no”. My muscles shake. I can’t lift myself for very long in upward plank pose. In fact, I have to take short breaks and try again. My muscles fatigue and fail.

But I do it anyway.

Because even with every single painful pose, I know the benefits are many.

For example; the mental clarity that comes with total concentration while trying to balance.

I call it a love-hate relationship.

There are times that I cannot complete a full 25 minute session. It doesn’t mean that I failed. Failure is not doing it at all.

What’s my point?

Do the hard things, but make sure they’re worth it!

Your scale of 1 to 10 is different than my scale of 1 to 10.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how much is that pain worth it? It’s an 11.

That’s what I ask my clients when it comes to making decisions that they know are difficult.

What’s your scale?

What do you want more?

Fitness or feeling gross?

You CAN do this. Even if it’s making tiny decisions every single day to do something that puts you closer to your goal. Even if you start and need to stop.

Next time will be better, even incrementally so.

Excuses are just those. “I can’t do it because.....”

I’ll bet you can try.

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Tobi has fibromyalgia and other chronic pain issues. She’s found relief through a radical lifestyle change involving; yoga, self-development, exercise, behavioral support, and an anti-inflammatory diet. She focuses on helping others who are suffering by coaching a healthy diet and lifestyle.



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